Strategic Content Marketing
for B2B, SaaS, & Tech

Attract your ideal customers with exceptional content.

Why should software & technology companies
invest in content marketing?

We produce ghostwritten marketing materials (website content, blog posts, white papers, etc.) on behalf of your business. This allows you to attract more of your ideal customers while focusing on your product.

Whether you’ve just received seed funding and need content to kickstart your marketing efforts or whether you have an existing marketing department that needs additional content resources, Soapboxly can serve as an extension of your business to ideate and create the content that tells your brand’s story, captivates your ideal customers, and compels purchases.

Here’s how you can benefit:

  • Lower customer acquisition cost than paid advertising
  • Long-term growth
  • Content that does the selling for you
  • Focus 100% of your attention on your product
  • Increase demos and sign-ups

The Full Stack Content Marketing Difference

You may be used to hearing “full stack” in reference to web developers, but may we introduce to you — the full stack content marketing solution.

What is Full Stack Content?

There are over 5 billion Google searches every day, including searches for solutions you offer. Search engine visible content ensures your target customers find you and not your competitors.
What use is search engine visibility if readers aren’t captivated by the content once they find your page? Content must also be engaging or you risk wasting the traffic you worked so hard for.
The entire reason you’re investing in marketing is to get more customers, so content not only needs to be visible and engaging. It also needs to persuade visitors to contact you, request a demo, sign up for a free trial, or otherwise convert.

With Soapboxly, you won’t have to choose between Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing, Copywriting, and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). Because we care about the entire customer journey, we focus not only on getting your content in front of your ideal customers, but also making sure they engage with and take action on it.

Soapboxly Testimonials

You’re in good hands. 

Whatever your goals, we’re committed to helping you succeed through content! Don’t just take our word for it though – see what others are saying about us!

With your website as your soapbox and your content as your message, you have the power to control the narrative. Content can build brand awareness and thought leadership, it can earn visibility for your brand in search results, it can build trust with your target audience, and most importantly, it can connect you with the customers that need what you offer.