We’re Soapboxly, and we want to help you grow.

Have you ever thought of content as a sales tool?

I hadn’t either. In fact, the word “sales” had always conjured up images of the used car salesman, the telemarketer, or even the perfume counter employee – pushy, impersonal, unsettling.

No one likes being sold to. I sure don’t. But then one day I realized something.

No one likes being sold to, but everyone has problems they need to solve.

That’s when I realized what writing for businesses was all about. Instead of shouting about our products and services to people, what if we presented solutions to their problems? Instead of forcefully asking for the purchase, we earned the purchase by adding value?

I couldn’t unsee it. A dream was born.

Growing your business should be fulfilling

Growing your business shouldn’t have to feel slimy. In fact, it deserves to be downright fulfilling. That’s why Soapboxly is on a mission to take the ugly out of sales.

I sincerely hope I get the chance to speak with you about your business. Why? Because before there was a focus on revenue and profits, there was an idea.

An idea that you were passionate enough about to stake everything on. An idea that solves a real problem and can add real value to people’s lives.

It’s that message that people deserve to hear, and when they do, they’re going to fall in love with you.

Soapboxly is all about using the platform your brand already has to captivate, engage, and get more customers. We want to help you find your voice and use your words to move people down your funnel. Your customers are out there – let’s go help them.

Here’s to growth,

Contact me and tell me about your vision for your business. I’ll tell you how content can help get you there.

Meet the Team

Kameron Jenkins
Kameron is the founder of Soapboxly. Through a unique blend of experience as a writer, SEO practitioner, manager, and now as an entrepreneur, Kameron is using Soapboxly as the vehicle to help brands create the content they’ve always wished they had the time to create! You can learn more about Kameron’s experience on LinkedIn or follow her on Twitter.
Chris Jenkins
Defying all odds, Chris is somehow not only a jack-of-all-trades, but also a master-of-all. Need to start an LLC and open a business account? Done. How about handling all of Soapboxly’s technology integrations? No problem. Combining his background in software engineering and management with his natural curiosity, Chris is the engine that makes Soapboxly run. 
Why not you?
Want to write for us? – Reach out and say hello! Soapboxly is always on the lookout for great writers to add to our team. If you’ve got writing chops and the thought of using your talents to help interesting brands connect with their audience excites you, then we should definitely talk.
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