All brands have a voice, but few know what it’s saying. Your content (or lack thereof) is sending a message to your audience. That message is either propelling you toward your goals or pulling you away from them. 

Has your brand fallen victim to any of these growth-killing mistakes?

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The Identity Crisis

You’ve got business on your landing pages and party on your blogs. If the tone of your brand’s content changes with every page, platform, and format, you have an identity crisis.


The Dead Weight

When content was crowned king, you paid homage with 10 blogs a month. Now, you have thousands of pages on your site but hardly any are ranking or bringing in traffic.

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The Broken Funnel

Do you have content that builds awareness, content that helps your audience evaluate their options, and content that sells your product or service? If you don’t have all three, you’re likely losing customers.


The Wrong Audience

Your content can’t drive your business initiatives if you’re speaking to the wrong audience. Even great content falls flat when it’s directed toward the wrong people.


The Empty Traffic

Your site gets great organic traffic, maybe it’s even growing, but hardly any of that traffic is translating into leads, purchases, or other conversions. 


The Copy Cat

Is unoriginal content dragging your site down? Whether you’re guilty of borrowing from other brands, or even cannibalizing your own efforts by duplicating on-site content, copied content kills.


The Mute

Your audience is listening, but all they hear is crickets. This deadly content sin isn’t what you’re doing, it’s what you’re not doing.

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