You’ve heard it before – you have to spend money to make money.

“Endlessly exchanging money for customers? Sign me up!” – Said no one, ever.

While it’s true that you should be setting aside a percentage of your gross revenue on marketing, we hate that so many business owners are caught in a perpetual cycle of paying for every single website lead or purchase they get.

That’s why we’re so passionate about spreading the good word of Organic.

google organic

Paid vs. earned traffic

Search engines like Google have two main types of results: paid and earned.

  • You can pay to send traffic to your website from search engines using Google Ads, or
  • You can earn traffic to your website by ranking organically in the search engine

In addition to search engines, you can also pay for traffic on a number of other platforms, such as:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

One of the primary benefits of a pay-to-play system is that it’s instant, while one of it’s primary downfalls is that it’s fleeting.

As soon as you stop paying for traffic, you stop getting the traffic. With earned organic traffic, on the other hand, your business’s website can keep reaping the benefits for months or even years to come!

While the effort isn’t free, the traffic you get from earned organic rankings isn’t paid for. How does that benefit you? It means that you can increase your potential new customers (traffic) without having to pay for it, thereby lowering your customer acquisition cost (CAC).

To put this into perspective, if I’m getting 100 Organic clicks per month for a keyword that costs $15 per click in Google Ads, I’m saving $1,500/mo. just by ranking for that one keyword alone!

How does that lower my CAC?

You can see how organically ranking for keywords that are important to your business (keywords like “financial planner” if you’re a financial planner) can save you money you would have otherwise had to spend on ads, but let’s close the loop and talk about how that really impacts your CAC.

Picture this.

  • Your company sells email marketing software.
  • The CPC for “email marketing software” is $21.92.
  • Monthly search volume for “email marketing software” is roughly 8,000.
  • Your monthly ad budget is $2,000

To capture the clicks of even half of those searches, you’d need to spend approximately $176,000 per month. If you only have $2,000 to spend, for example, your website would stop showing after just 90 clicks.

Rank organically for that term though, and you get free page one exposure without having to worry about your budget running out.

You don’t have to keep paying for your website to stay on page 1, so as your website begins to rank for more and more of these keywords, you’ll increase the amount of potential new business coming to your website, and when you increase potential buyers without increasing the investment it takes to procure them, you can lower your CAC.

I’m in! Now how do I rank for those keywords?

Great question! Any business can get organic ranking and CAC-lowering traffic to their website, but you have to earn it.

How? Through creating exceptional content experiences that both your audience and search engines will love.

That just happens to be Soapboxly’s specialty. If you’d like to speak with us about lowering your CAC through content, drop us a line!