Audience-focused, search engine mindful content

Let’s get this out of the way from the get-go. We don’t believe in “SEO Content.”

Whew! We feel better now, but we still owe you an explanation.

Search engine algorithms like Google’s are a programmatic representation of a human searcher. In other words, Google made its algorithm in the image of a real human searcher, and is constantly tweaking its algorithm to rank content that real people would find the most valuable.

So, if the algorithm is trying to model what a human visitor would pick as the best result, we at Soapboxly believe that the answer to “how to rank” is to do what’s best for searchers.

With one caveat.

Search engines still aren’t perfect humans (they’re machines, after all!) so they still need some help understanding our pages. We at Soapboxly understand not only what your audience wants, but we also understand the current limitations and needs of search engines.

The Soapboxly approach to SEO

We are a content agency first and foremost, but because we want your content to be found by your potential customers who are using Google and other search engines to look for it, we embed search engine best practices into everything we do. Here’s how that works.

A Strong Foundation

Even great content won’t perform well on a poorly optimized site, which is why we like to start every client campaign with an SEO audit. During this process, we check for issues that could be harming your website’s presence in search results. Clients can choose whether they’d like us to handle the fixes or advise/delegate the work to their internal team.

Every Page Optimized

After any barriers to ranking have been removed, we can move forward with proactive content creation for your website. Every page we create is the product of extensive keyword research and SERP analysis, and contains naturally-incorporated SEO best practices.

Regular Maintenance

Just like a piece of machinery, website elements can “break” over time. By running intermittent SEO health checks over time, we make sure to find and fix anything nonoptimal before it becomes an issue that harms performance.

When search engine optimization is embedded into everything you do, you can be confident that your message will be seen by potential customers looking for what you offer.

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