Strategic Content Marketing

Why are you creating content?

That’s the question strategic content marketing poses, and it’s an important one to answer if you hope to make good use of your marketing dollars.

You see, lots of businesses get caught in the trap of creating content for content’s sake. The problem is that when we don’t stop to ask “why,” we’re effectively spinning our wheels, spending our valuable time and money on content that will never really get us anywhere.

Your business deserves better.

Content that actually adds value to your business

The way we approach strategic content marketing at Soapboxly is similar to how you’d start any traditional marketing program:

Step 1: Start with a goal

What does your business want to achieve? These goals should be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-Bound. For example, a photographer’s goal might be to “increase wedding photography leads 10% by the end of this quarter.”

Step 2: Develop a strategy

Once you have a specific goal nailed down, we can start brainstorming content that will help you achieve it. This is where competitive, keyword, and audience research comes into play. You’ll need content that addresses a real audience pain point and a promotion strategy to get it in front of them.

Step 3: Pick KPIs

The way you’ll be able to tell if your content is accomplishing it’s purpose is by picking key performance indicators (KPIs) and setting targets. A KPI for an informational piece of content might be a certain number of pageviews and assisted conversions.

Step 4: Evaluate results, iterate, and start again!

We’re often asked, “How long do I wait to find out if it worked?” This will depend on the “time-bound” part of your goal. If your goal was to achieve a certain number of new leads by the end of the quarter, you’ll evaluate results then. When content doesn’t perform as expected, it’s a good idea to adjust either the goal, the content itself, the promotion strategy, or pick more appropriate KPIs.

Reach your audience at every stage of their journey

People research before they buy. Long before someone contacted you to inquire about your services or purchased your product, they were Googling. Probably a lot.

Every brand should be “always on.” In other words, they should have content readily available for their potential customer regardless of whether that customer is gathering information, comparing their options, or making the purchase.

With Soapboxly, you not only get purpose-driven content, but content that gets you in front of your ideal customer at every phase of their purchase journey.

If you’re interested in getting content to grow your business, we’d love to speak with you – drop us a line!